New Gears of War Roster

Posted by PartyFoul June 17, 2018 in NEWS

We didn’t think we’d be making a post like this so soon…

A week ago we announced our new Gears of War Pro Circuit roster… Well, now we are announcing another one! Vital and Soto have been bought by Reciprocity which left us with the need to build a new roster.

After many hours of hard conversations, the team decided their best move would be to pick up Xclu5ive and Hesi to replace Vital and Soto. They also decided that moving ToySxldier from the bench to the active roster would be the best fit for the team.

Please welcome Hesi and Xclu5ive to the Simplicity Gears of War roster!



Our final lineup going into MLG San Diego:







The Simplicity Gears of War roster will look to compete and grow together in time for the Gears of War Pro Circuit in the San Diego Open on September 28th – 30th.

Where to Watch:

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