NHL 19 Roster Announcement

Posted by PartyFoul November 17, 2018 in NEWS

Today, We’d like to welcome our official roster for the duration of the EA SPORTS game title, NHL 19.

Player roster:
Matthew “Yung Gren” Grenier: https://twitter.com/YungGren

Aaron “HowToChel” Atlmeyer: https://twitter.com/HowToChel

Michael “NugeTV” Nugent: https://twitter.com/NugeTV

Bryan “No Regretzkys” Seitz: https://twitter.com/No_Regretzkys_
Justin “Regs84” Reguly: https://twitter.com/Regs_84

Community Manager:
TacTixHD: https://twitter.com/TacTixHD | https://youtube.com/TacTixHD

With the re-signings of Yung Gren, HowToChel, NugeTV and No Regretzkys, Simplicity was looking to expand their current competitive versus roster moving forward with the year. With this announcement, we’d like to wish Sitful and Dmart nothing but the best in their future endeavours.

Within the NHL community, Simplicity always wants to be a benchmark for talent, charisma, and opportunity. With that said, Simplicity would like to announce the acquisition of Regs. Regs was a top 8 Canada finalist at the NHL Gaming World Championships and lost to Yung Gren in the loser bracket finals inhibiting him from qualifying for the top 6 that would compete at Las Vegas, NV back in June. Regs holds himself to the highest standard of gameplay within the NHL community.

Moving into NHL 19, Simplicity wants to bring more attention and spotlight to the NHL gaming community. The only way this could be done, is by bringing someone in that knows what they’re doing with the game, the community and with content. We’d like to announce that TacTixHD will now be our official Community Manager for the duration of NHL 19. TacTix has accumulated nearly 100,000 YouTube subscribers and actively streams live on the Twitch platform.

As the year continues, Simplicity will be continuing to evolve and find ways to interact with the community at hand. This may include videos, giveaways, or anything of a creative nature.

We spoke with the Bailey “Cortez” Cortese who is our Director of Media about how he felt about the new roster and how bringing TacTixHD onto the organization will help Simplicity moving forward, he said, “I’m really excited for our roster this year, with having Gren back who placed in the Top 6 of the NHL Gaming World Championships, Nuge and HowToChel who both placed Top 8 for the U.S. qualifiers, Regretzkys who is an upcoming talent always competing with the best, and the new acquisition of Regs who placed Top 8 for the Canada qualifiers,  I believe our roster is solid and full proof. These players represent what we want within a scene. Talent, charisma, and represent the game proudly. Bringing on TacTix was apart of our plan as an organization to get more involved with the NHL gaming community. We want the fans and players to be more interactive while attracting new fans and new players to the game itself. TacTix being a renown media icon for the NHL gaming community, can help Simplicity fill the void in that gap and shine new light on not only the organization, but the competitive scene as a whole.”

With the announcement of this roster, Yung Gren and Regs have both qualified for the Toronto Maple Leafs Gaming Day on October 21st, along with six others for Leafs Gaming Day. Follow our social media accounts to stay up to date with how the event went!

We’d like to thank all the players and the fans of our organization for such tremendous support in the year of NHL 18, we only hope, that we can topple the hard work, and achievements brought on then, and bring so much more, now. We look forward to this year, hopefully you do too.


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