Simplicity Enters Gears of War

Posted by PartyFoul June 9, 2018 in NEWS


We are excited to announce our official roster for the remainder of Gears of War 4. With the acquisition of this team, Simplicity looks to make its mark in the Gears scene at its first official event together in New Orleans at MLG NOLA on July 13th-15th for a prize pool of $250,000.



When we spoke with Jacob “DFazio” DiFazio we asked, “Now that you and your team are signed under Simplicity, what is the obstacle you and the team look to overcome moving forward?” DFazio answered with, “Moving forward, the obstacle we’re looking to overcome the most is, ourselves. I feel that the only way we can lose is by beating ourselves.”


Managing partner, Jed Kaplan came forward to say, “We are extremely excited to add the Gears of War franchise to Simplicity. We look forward to continued success and growth of our organization with the fan base within the passionate scene”

We sat down with Jeremy “Lambzy” Mclamb who said, “I’m excited that Gears of War is our first expansion into console esports. We’ve been looking into the next direction for Simplicity for months and wanted to make the next push was lead by the right roster. After talking to the guys for a couple of months and seeing tremendous growth from the team, we knew this was the right roster.”

When asked, Travis “TravelG” Greene who will be directly overseeing the team stated, “I’m excited to be entering the Gears of War scene. After watching, researching and seeing how the scene has developed the last 2 years, excited would be an understatement. I’m ecstatic that we have this great roster to represent Simplicity moving forward. It’s a star studded line up of veterans who have the ability to win a championship. I could have never pictured this caliber of a roster would represent Simplicity in our initial launch. They were worth the wait.”

MLG NOLA Information:
Dates: July 13th-15th
Game: Gears of War 4
Prize Pool: $250,000
Where to Watch:

Thank you to our fans for the endless support. Here’s to the future!

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